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Pre-Vet Club

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Welcome to the National Pre-Vet Club!

A membership organization for anyone interested in a career in veterinary medicine

What is the National Pre-Vet Club? 

The National Pre-Vet Club is an organization for anyone interested in a career in veterinary medicine.

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Who can join the National Pre-Vet Club?

The National Pre-Vet Club (NPVC) is a club for those who do not have access to a pre-vet club and for those who do! 

Membership to the NPVC is open to everyone–from high school students contemplating a veterinary career to those submitting their vet school applications. 

What are the benefits of joining the National Pre-Vet Club?

Membership to the NPVC gives you access to our website, which contains helpful resources to support you on your journey to vet school. The NPVC holds virtual monthly meetings that include guest speakers and practical how-to tips on everything from applying to vet school to landing an internship in an animal-related field.  The NPVC is governed by a member-run board of directors and has numerous opportunities for member involvement. 

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Membership provides access to monthly meetings and a comprehensive collection of information about all things pre-vet! 

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